The Scarlett May Foundation: Who, What, Where, Why & How

So, Why and How did we come to start a charity?

There are a few reasons to our Why.

The first of which is that my wife and co-founder, Renee and I wanted a project that we could work on together during a time of grief. It has helped us communicate and work through issues in order to work towards a common goal.

When our daughter passed away, one of our biggest fears as her parents, was (and still is) that she would be forgotten.  We never want to forget our baby girl, the time we spent with her at home, or the time we spent with her in the hospital. Our reason for creating a charity in her name, connected with our time in hospital, is to help us to feel more connected with her memory and give her short life an impactful and lasting purpose.

The most important reason we started the Scarlett May Foundation is because we saw a need. During our 3 month stay in hospital, we were very blessed by friends, family and strangers with financial provisions to enable us to spend time with Scarlett when she needed us the most. We were also provided with homemade meals so we didn’t need to worry about looking after ourselves and instead could focus our energy towards our sick little girl. We however, were the lucky ones. Throughout our time in the hospital, we saw so many parents who didn’t have the support that we did. While at the time we really didn’t know how we were going to achieve it, we immediately knew that we wanted to be able to support those other families just as we had been. If we can take away even the smallest of worries from these families, then our job is done.

As for the how… we still aren’t quite sure. There has been a lot of prayer, a lot of amazing support from my new employer, advice from family and other charity organisations, as well as support and advice from our church.  Every time we have wondered whether we were doing the right thing or doubted if we could actually achieve setting up and running a charity, doors have unexpectedly opened and the right people were placed in our path at just the right times.  At best we can put our How down to great support, gritty determination and perseverance and a whole lot of good luck.

We are so grateful for all the support we have received so far from our amazing family and friends, and we are very excited now as we start to meet new people who share our vision. Most importantly, we are thrilled to see how our services are beginning to impact much needed families in their times of need.