About Us


The Scarlett May Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support families with critically ill children and those whose children have passed.

The foundation began in 2014 when the founders, Renee and Aidan Lamberth, lost their daughter Scarlett May to a rare genetic disease at the age of 11 months.

During the 4 months that Renee spent by their daughter’s side in the hospital, and the last month Aidan was able to spend with them both, they were supported in many ways by their friends, family and the local community.

It was a combination of the home cooked meals, bereavement counselling, donations of funds to help support the family as well as a donation of precious mementos that made it possible for them both to concentrate 100% on Scarlett. This kind of practical support at such a difficult time was invaluable to Renee and Aidan.

During their time with Scarlett, Renee and Aidan witnessed a number of other families in hospital struggling with similar burdens and noticed that very few were blessed with the same support network as themselves. Their experience also highlighted a need for ongoing support for families after the loss of a child. It was this that lead Renee and Aidan to create the Scarlett May Foundation in an effort to provide support to families when caring for their critically ill children in hospital and beyond.

The Scarlett May Foundation aims to provide meals support for families with critically ill children during hospital stays, as well as funds for bereavement counselling, keepsakes and mementos.

The Scarlett May Foundation team have been working with pediatric intensive care units, social workers and palliative care teams in Brisbane as well as similar Australia-wide support organisations to ensure that families in need are given the right support.

With your donations and support, the Scarlett May Foundation can help families with critically ill children spend precious time together in the moments that matter. Click HERE to donate.